Friday, 25 February 2011

Dear All! Please help!! 

Today we’re asking you for help for 28 years old Danusia, one of our family member, Jarek's sister.

Danusia carries the spark of new life that will join our family soon in April. Sadly, she suffers from very rare brain tumor, called chordoma. This slow-growing but highly malignant parasite leaves no illusions - it also fights. It is located in the most inaccessible corners of her brain preventing complete surgical removal and the use of standard chemotherapy and radiotherapy. After diagnosing cancer, in 2007, Danusia underwent tumor surgery when it was still in relatively small sizes allowing the treatment in Poland. However, the tumour did not give up and came back, this time much larger, as demonstrated in MRI scan in July 2010. Before the MRI results, she learned that she is pregnant. Since then, she has been fighting not only for herself but also her son. 

Due to the complex nature of the tumour, its location around the ocular structures in the brain, and above all its size, the only possible treatment is available only outside the country. In December 2010, Danusia was qualified for a proton radiotherapy (proton beam) in Paris, in the Centre of Proton Therapy at the Institute of Marie Curie. But before that occurs, she needs to undergo a very complex operation to remove that part of the tumour, which cannot be removed even by the French protons, and which could lead to loss of eyesight. While the operation in Poland will be free of financial cost, the Parisian part of the treatment must be dearly paid. The cost of this treatment is 42 982 EUR. In some cases, the Polish National Health Service funds the treatment that is not available in Poland but can be done elsewhere. But the final decision in the case of the Danusia has not yet been made. Unfortunately, the treatment in Paris, is associated with a three-months stay at our own expense because there is no need of hospital stay during proton therapy. This will be a very difficult period in which Danusia will need her son as much as he will need her, and it is therefore necessary to create the right conditions for both of them. Of course, the treatment does not end at the stage proton therapy in Paris, but it will be a great first step, followed by long-term rehabilitation binding with serious costs. 

We are fortunate that the obstacle in the treatment of Danusia is not a medicine, but serious costs which in this case are much more than we can provide. However, we are full of faith and confidence that with the help and involvement of sensitive people she will manage to achieve the goal and she will gain her health back and will see how her son grows up. 

We try to spread our appeal to all for even the smallest help in raising money for treatment and rehabilitation of Jarek's sister. We strongly believe that she will beat the cancer, and with your help it will be possible and easier to achieve. 

Danusia is registered with cancer foundation called Fundacja Rak'n'Roll in Poland. There’s been pretty loud about this foundation in recent times in Poland since the founder, also cancer patient, supports pregnant women with cancer, and whose common serious struggle with the disease in this exceptional period for a woman have remained unnoticed. 

How you can help:

Donations can be sent to Fundacja Rak'n'Roll - cancer foundation – With a note ‘Dla Danusi’.

If you send a donation from Poland, then use the account number of the foundation: Multibank 73 1140 2017 0000 4502 1050 9042.

If you send a donation from abroad, use the bank account number : MultiBank: PL73 1140 2017 0000 4502 1050 9042.
Swift code: BREXPLPWMUL 

We will be grateful for any help. Daria & Jarek

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